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I love Fall because it's like a mini- New Year! It's time to start new things and return to lessons after a summer break. All of us at MM Music are looking forward to seeing our students, whether it be virtually or in person.
I think that music is especially important during difficult or trying times. I am so happy to hear that many of our students have been practicing more than ever before! Making music makes us feel good and we can all use some of that!
I plan to update this blog every week and I always have some stories to tell about my funniest and cutest students! I will also keep you updated on any performances our teachers will be giving.

Right now two of our teachers have been performing regularly in outside/socially distanced venues. Every Sunday, Al Marino is performing from 11:00 am- 2:30 pm for brunch with a trio at City Cellar in Westbury, NY. The phone number is 516-693-5400. On Sunday evenings Mark Marino is performing with a trio at Gusto Divino on Sunrise Highway in Seaford, NY from 5:30-8:30. For reservations call 516-795-1929.

To our parents: Whether you have chosen to send your kids to school, to have them learn online, or to home school them- you are doing a great job! These are the tough decisions that young parents have to make today and I salute you all!
Best of luck to all of our students as they embark on a new school year!

xoxo Jeanne

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